The Selling and renting of accommodation is mainly managed by the CPOA through the efforts of village managers, placement facilitators (social works) and external sales agencies (new developments).

The CPOA offers two types of accommodation options to the retired community; Firstly retirees can opt to settle for a rental agreement, alternatively retirees with access to capital can opt to procure a Life Right.


A Life Right is a type of transaction where the purchaser and his / her spouse obtain the right to live in a specific dwelling for the duration of their life time after which capital is returned with a profit share, depending on the options selected.

A Life Right is the highest form of personal rights and is protected by law making this a safe and secure investment. The comfort of a secured return on investment without the hassle of maintenance, preparation of meals, concerns with security and convenient access to on-site health care services and facilities makes considering a Life Right a worthwhile option.

Purchasers of Life Rights basically have three purchase options:

  • Invest with a profit share option
  • Invest with a capital return only option
  • A deferred payment investment option (only a limited number on offer).



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